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About Our Company

We Are Helping Companies Solve Business Challenges and Improve Customer Experiences

We have an excellence in price information service of metals and offers a full spectrum of information on primary and secondary scrap metals. We offer the best local price coverage of ferrous & non-ferrous metals of major countries like USA, India, China, Japan. Data collections are with the help of global exporters, manufactures, consumers, brokers and has the most authoritative & accurate pricing information of metals in India. We also provide the LME/MCX/Comex exchange data, a service known for the best package and accurate information in the marketplace. We created the invaluable source for the metal industry with an effective and easy to use information platform.

Our Vision and Mission

Live metal price has been a “must have” service since 2010 for any company involved in metals (from smelters, foundries, exporters, to local scrap dealers) in India. The best way to understand what makes us different from others are to see by yourself. We have grassroot links in metal market, we are working in this market since 1959.
30 Years of Experience

We Execute Our Ideas from Start to Finish

Deeper Experience

Live metal price provides their service with the 60+ years’ experience work in the metal framework.

Growth Solutions

Live metal price gives the solution to know market, product sales destiny, increase profitability and helps in succeeding growth.

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